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A Horse to the Barn

David Jeter   Monday, April 4, 2011

I had a nice week of training this week.  For my short run, I did a treadmill fast pace.  My eight mile middle run was a difficult, hot, boring YMCA run.  Saturday, I woke up to pouring down rain and wind.  By the time I started on the Fish Lake trail, the weather had turned to hail.  The Fish Lake trail is a little deceiving, because it is a little bit up hill on the way out from town.  I ran at my normal 9 minute mile on the way out, but was able to do 8:20 per mile on the way home.  I am a horse to the barn kind of guy, so when you add a tailwind to downhill to almost done with my long run, I tend to stride out a little more.  All in all, it was a great week, and I am feeling good going into the last three long runs of training.  Next week, instead of 16, I am going to do the Rock Creek Ramble orienteering event.  Chad and I are doing the 4 hour version, so I am sure that I will get my 16 miles in.