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Adventure Race Season Begins

David Jeter   Sunday, June 12, 2011

It has been a little wet this spring, but I have been able to get back on the mountain and road bikes.  During the marathon training, almost all of my exercise was running, so it has been nice to get back in the saddle.  Adventure race season will be a little bit short for me this year, but I am gearing up for the NIC Challenge.  This race is a five hour rogaine style adventure race with kayak/canoeing, mountain biking, and trekking.  Basically, you are given a map with checkpoints of various point values labeled.  Your mission as a solo or group is to find as many points as possible.  A rogaine style event means that there is no set order that the points need to be found in, and thus no set course.  Typically, you are required to start on one discipline and then move to the next two.  After you transition, you are not allowed to go back to that discipline.  Obviously, there is some major tactical and strategic benefits to finding the most points in the allotted timeframe.  If you get back late, there are some really harsh penalties.  I really like adventure racing more than triathlons because there is so much of a mental component and orienteering requirement.  I am not the fastest guy in the pack for any discipline, but we manage to do fairly well by making good choices during the race.  Chad and I did the MerGeo rogaine, which was just trekking, out in Sprague, WA.  Because we were 15 minutes late, we dropped from 9th to 16th place.  It was a good reminder that the last point you get is not going to be worth it if you are late.  This is the first year that we are doing the NIC Challenge, but I understand that it is a great race for beginners who want a taste of adventure racing.