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Casey Balzano Joins The Blog

David Jeter   Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Casey is a friend of mine who is planning on running her first 1/2 marathon.  I asked her to write for the blog, and she has graciously offered us a taste.  You can also catch her at her home blog The Daily Balzy (viewer discretion advised).

I used to run regularly in my 20’s…on and off. I have never run more than 5 miles, though, so this is a definite mind blowing idea.  I have decided that this year is my year to challenge myself. Times are hard, so I’m sticking with the path of most resistance. A good friend of mine’s mother is an Ironman Triathalete. She is in her mid ’50’s. She qualified for Kona. She is the cat’s pajamas. I don’t see myself on this level, first because I hardly have the time for a half marathon and second, really? Ironman? But she has passed down the reason why I have signed up for the race (and three others, for that matter…) Kathy stated that if she doesn’t have a race set up, she makes excuses to not work out. So, she books herself up, writes the checks, and tells all her friends to keep her in training mode. Coming from a hardcore athlete, I was amazed that she struggled with working out like the rest of us lazy slobs! I find it comforting, inspiring, and making me want to go for a run to work off those dang Klondike Bars and that stupid brownie…

I really don’t feel like writing right now about why I’ve decided to run in a half marathon because my eating today was nothing short of craptastic. Full moon? Nope. Shattered Super Bowl dreams? Don’t think so. February is the love month? Perhaps…Regardless of  what triggered the chocolate rage that overcame me, I feel equally content and crappy. I’m trying not to feel guilty about my all out binge, because I’ve been on the straight and narrow for an entire month. In this last month, I’ve lost around 10lbs. It was 13, but I’ve giving myself a 3 point spread being that I ate 2 Klondike bars and a brownie minutes ago. I guess I’ll start with where I was in my life roughly three years ago…

I was in a decent car accident. Luckily for me, it was in a brand new car that had all the bells and whistles for safety. A girl, whom turns out I went to grade school with, ran a red light and I hit her head on, going about 30 mph. I walked away from this accident with minor trauma, all things considered. I did snag a tear in my cartilage that is in my acetabulum (that’s what she said!) The pain in my hip joint was the hardest to diagnose. We went through a check list of “this-not-that” protocol to whittle it down. Numerous MRI’s, X-Rays, Arthograms, etc- it ended up an orthopedic surgeon read my symptoms’ and diagnosed me on the spot.  I finally had surgery almost 8 months after my accident, but the pain didn’t stop there. It actually got worse. When I had the tear, I knew how to “manage” the pain. Now, my hip was constantly in pain and I was scared that I did something wrong. awesome. I’m 30 and I have a bad hip.  Someone, teach me how to play Bridge, quick! I spent numerous hours in physical therapy (pool and land), getting my butt massaged, and finally biofeedback. The conclusion of my year and a half of treatment is that I understand now how to relax. My body has been on “fight or flight” for the duration of this process, so where the injury was, it was in lockdown. This knowledge was power! I committed myself to understanding my body’s signals and to relax. Not to mention, I needed to gain the strength back in my hip. Now with my poor eating habits…that’s for another blog!