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No Time to Run by

David Jeter   Friday, February 18, 2011

Running takes time. I ran on Monday and my plan was to run again today and everyday through the weekend. Maybe someone out there can help me out with what I’m supposed to do with a four year old while I go for a run? He’s too big for a stroller and too small to ride his bike beside me. Whatever the solution, it’s no good for me today or tomorrow, since he has come down with the seasonal sickness. This single parent/student/athlete-in-training is nearly logistically impossible. I know that there is a way. I gotta figure it out and fast. I’m leaning towards being a member of the YMCA, then my son could swim and get the free daycare while I get on to mile 4…mile 4…only 9 more after that!

After lamenting about my lack of time and how the heck I am going to pull off this daunting goal, I realized that I need to make every second count. I know that we all hear these “words to live by” and “quotable quotes” about making each moment matter. Bucket lists. “Life isn’t measured by how many breaths we take but by how many moments that take our breath away.” Isn’ that true of running…your breath is literally taken away. far away. My point is this: I don’t have the time to run. I know, running is faster than walking. And I do walk. So I’ve decided to get my running in while I can! I’ve done pretty good with this new goal of bumping up everyday tasks to be a full 90 seconds of cardio. By the end of the day, I’ve done my 30 minutes by just jogging around my clinical site. This is the one plus to working in a hospital- there are people that run. Fortunately for me, if someone does give me a sideways glance, I know the lingo. “STAT”, I say virtuously breathless. The stairs are another good 20 seconds of cardio. Nothing like breaking into a full pant and sweating like it’s Florida from taking 3 flights of stairs. I’m so half marathon ready. When I go to pick something up from the floor, I do a walking lunge. Then I miss whatever it is that I had to get and do a downward dog yoga pose. In celebration of retrieving the Sharpie I dropped, I do a sun salute. Make each moment count. Except when your boss is watching.